As of Windows Phone 8.1, images can be set as background for home tiles. However, most pictures don't blend well with the UI. They're too bright or just too edgy and we have a hard time finding the icon of an app we're looking for.

Tile Background delivers several filters to tackle those problems. Within seconds, your favorite holiday photo becomes a decent and stylish background image for your start sceen.


For detail lovers, there are almost no limits of customizing the result: Most filters can be customized with parameters like intensity of darkness, size of the blur kernel or tint color just to name a few. You can freely customize the order, in which filters are applied to your image, leading to astonishing and unexpected results.

Live Preview

A priview located on top simulates an example start screen with your currently edited image. After any change on a filter or their order, the app automatically re-renders this preview for instant feedback.

No Pig in a Poke

You can use filters that are not unlocked yet in the editor without any restriction. Purchasing them is only required when you eventually want to export the result for actual usage. By the way, besides the filters that are always free, you can get one of the initially locked ones as a reward for sharing the app with others, e.g. on a social network.