You are a hungry little smiley in a world full of evil. In order to become big and strong, you need to eat - a lot. Evil enemy smileys are the only nourishment in sight, so you try catch as many as possible, but beware: You can only grasp smaller ones, bigger enemies will devour you instead!

To move your smiley, hold your phone in a horizontal position and tilt it into the direction your smiley should move. A level is considered as won once you've eaten all enemy smileys and you're awarded up to three stars, depending on the time you took for solving it. While some levels require a steady hand and quick reactions, others will pose puzzling setups, demanding your full brain capacity to solve them.

As an additional challenge, there's a survival mode where new enemies keep popping up from a cave and you need to munch as many of them as you can grab. In this mode, eating gives you points and difficulty increases gradually.

Windows Phone
Android Play
iOS App Store
BlackBerry World

A browser version of the game can be found here.